Does Fido Need Dog Training?

Does Fido Need Dog Training?

All dogs, regardless of size, breed or age can benefit from training. When properly taught, dog training establishes clear behavioral expectations, eliminating confusion for both dog and owner. Dog training also helps ensure your dog’s safety and happiness.

Nurturing good canine companionship through all stages of your dog’s development will benefit your household, neighborhood and community. Dog training is the best way to show love to your dog; the process enhances your relationship and bond.

Expert Dog Training with Sapir Weiss

"I think of Sapir as the best dog trainer in Sonoma County."
~ Dr. Ben Baldwin, DVM, Healdsburg, CA

Sapir Train The first step in professionally training your dog at Olivet Kennel is a consultation with expert dog trainer and behaviorist, Sapir Weiss.

At this first meeting, Sapir offers a comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s personality in conjunction with the needs of your household. He listens to your goals and concerns, then offers an in-depth explanation of his training philosophy and methodology.

Whether it’s puppy training, obedience training or specific behavior modification issues, Sapir will design a training program to suit your specific needs.

When you train your dog with Olivet Kennel in Santa Rosa you will:

Training Consultation Rates

The consultation takes about two hours and typically costs $350. If you proceed with a training program at Olivet Kennel, this fee will be applied towards the total cost of the training.

Getting Started

To learn more about our programs and to get your dog enrolled please call our office to set up a training consultation at (707) 542-2066, or you can email us.

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